Because Clearly I Need A Hobby

I had another blog once. I deleted it for two reasons.

1) It encountered some technical difficulties that I had neither the time nor ability to fix. Mostly the ability part.

2) That first blog lacked a focus. I had no idea what I was doing and I was just writing about random (and to be honest, probably not terribly interesting to anyone but me) thoughts and happenings.

So naturally that combination of reasons means I should delete the first blog and just start a new one, right? Of course it does.

Truly, though, I have much more intention for this blog. I even spent for-freaking-ever thinking of a name. I am now in the off season of my part time job as a waitress, meaning that in theory I have more free time to do cool things and write about them. (Ha. Haha. Free time? What is that?)

There are so many recipes I’ve been planning to make, DIY projects I’ve wanted to tackle, and dozens of books I’ve been meaning to read. I’m hoping that blogging about those things will keep me motivated to actually do them and I can break my tendency towards sloth like laziness.

Anyway, long story short, that’s where this blog is going. It would make me super happy if you checked back to see what was going on in Ginger Land (which is like Candy Land but way cooler because it’s my life). You should totally do it if for no other reason than to see pictures of my cat.


She wakes up sometimes. I promise.


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