Ways to make your long car ride suck a little less

I have a long weekend coming up and I am planning to spend it with my favorite fella. Hooray!

The only thing less than awesome about this is the fact that he lives 2-ish hours away. I get incredibly bored on long car rides by myself, so in the time that we have been dating I have developed a few tricks to make the trip significantly more enjoyable. Feel free steal a few ideas for your next long road trip.

1. Save a special treat for the trip.


My all time favorite guilty pleasure food/drink combination is sour gummy worms and diet coke. I realize that these things are about as healthy for you as a gunshot wound, so I try to avoid them in general. Sometimes, though, you just have to have ’em. I decided to make them my special road trip snack so at the very least I have that to look forward to.

When junk food isn’t appealing I sometimes use a trip as on occasion to splurge on some incredibly expensive but  awesome spiced-mocha-freeze-drizzle-caramel-whipped-latte from Starbucks. (Note: That is not an actual drink. Do not ask a Starbucks employee to make it. They will look confused and possibly laugh at you.)

2. Audio books

When I don’t have to drive I often pass time on long trips by reading a book. Highway patrolmen tend to frown on reading while driving, though, so I recently decided to try listening to audiobooks. I download one on my phone and it keeps me occupied for the whole trip. Sometimes I even restrict myself to only listening to the story while driving so I can stretch it out and look forward to hearing what happens next.

3. New music

Just as having a new book to listen to can make things more significantly more interesting, downloading a few new songs just for the drive can be a great way to avoid road trip boredom. I confess to currently being obsessed with Lorde’s album Pure Heroin.

4. The GPS game

When miles of interstate are starting to seem entirely too familiar, try setting your GPS to the “Avoid Highways” option. It will give you a chance to learn a new route to your destination and keep you on your toes. A word of advice, though: it will probably take you longer to get where you are going. And you might have to call your mom for navigational advice when you decide, like I once did, that you know better than the GPS and are going to find your own way. Lewis, Clark, and I would have made quite a team, I’ll tell you that much.

5. Pack a bag

Nothing sucks more than being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic when you really, really need some chapstick. Or water. Or sunglasses. So plan ahead and pack a bag with any random but important items you may need. If you’re really on top of it you can even have a designated bag of all these items that lives in your car and is never (never ever) to be taken out.

6. It may also help to have an adorable traveling companion.

Callie volunteers. She’ll even conduct an all points inspection of your car before leaving. catincar

7. Safety First

Hopefully it goes without saying. But if you really want to make your trip not suck, you should follow all traffic laws and be a courteous driver. Yes, I know that other driver is an idiot. Yes, I know he probably learned how to drive with a chariot during the age of gladiators. No, that does not give you permission to cut him off and/or tailgate him.


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