Vanilla Orange Scones

If you think about it, scones are really just something we invented as an excuse to have dessert for breakfast. Not that this bothers me in the slightest. Dessert for breakfast sounds like my idea of heaven.


Scones can be a fickle thing, though. I’ve encountered more than my share of dry or bland ones at various bakeries, leading me to spend a long time thinking that scones must be a hard thing to make well. For years I’ve avoided trying to make my own because I thought it would be a difficult process with unsatisfactory results.


Not anymore. This recipe gives me cause to believe that scones can be delicious AND homemade, all while requiring no more culinary skills than you might find in the average great ape. (Okay, that’s possibly a lie. I don’t think apes can zest oranges. But I could be wrong.)



These scones came out marvelously. I may have already eaten two. They are light and flavorful and not too crunchy. The glaze is to die for. I may start making it in huge batches to pour on anything and everything.


I should note that there are some things for which I have very little talent. One of those things is, apparently, shaping scones. So mine are not the dainty little triangles you might find in a bakery window. These are just round. But they are round discs of deliciousness so who cares?


You can find the exact recipe I used here. While you’re over there, check out some more of her recipes! It looks like there are some really great ones.

Now go make these and enjoy your dessert…err, breakfast.


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