Ombre Polka Dot Glasses

Happy Boxing Day! Now that Christmas is over (hope everyone had a great one!) I can post this DIY project I first saw here. I gave these ombre polka dot glasses to my aunt and they were a big hit! 

You Will Need

-Set of smooth glasses. You can use tumblers, goblets, any kind of glass you like. I used water goblets.

-4 shades in the same color family of acrylic paint.



I used Americana brand paint in (from left to right) Bubblegum Pink, Flamingo, Royal Fuchsia, and Razzle Berry.

– Q-Tips

-Cardboard or newspaper

-Baking sheet


Start by squirting a dollop of each paint color on a piece of cardboard or newspaper. Set a q-tip with each color.



Next give your glasses a quick polish with a lint free cloth. Then flip the glass upside down. I tucked my hand inside to make it easier to paint all the way around. Starting with the darkest color of paint, use the q-tip to dot all the way around the base of the glass. I made my dots thicker near the bottom and more spaced out as I moved up.

Moving on the next lightest color, overlap the area where the colors meet for a less harsh look. Keep going with the lighter colors, ending the dots about 3/4 up the glass.





Give your glass time to dry (around 30 minutes) before placing them on a baking sheet. Pop them in the oven at 350 degrees and bake for 30 minutes. Allow glasses to cool before taking them out.

That’s all there is to it! These glasses are cute and customizable, not to mention super easy.

Note: To clean, gently hand wash only! The paint will not stand up to frequent cycles in the dishwasher.




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