Return to middle school and other happenings

It’s only Wednesday and it’s already been such a crazy week! I started student teaching on Monday and while I absolutely love it, it does leave me rather tired at the end of the day. Keeping up with middle schoolers is no joke! It’s also why I don’t have a lot to post about this week. I’m still working out my schedule and balancing school and life.

Luckily I have these cute penguin oreos available for an afternoon pick me up.


Aren’t they adorable? They’re almost too cute to eat. Almost being the operative word.

This afternoon I decided to torture myself with this HIIT workout. And then I wondered how many cupcakes doing it would enable me to eat. That is the point of exercise, right? Being able to eat more cupcakes?

Poor Callie has been having a rough week. After an entire month of having me home almost every day, she’s on her own for her afternoon naps.


Actually, who am I kidding. She’s a cat. Her interest in my being home is largely related to her ability to get cat treats on demand, not because she enjoys my company.

This past weekend I found an occasion to wear this adorable Blu Pepper top I got through Modcloth. Long, flowy top, leggings, and boots = super easy hanging out attire!


Also, this is why I will never be a fashion blogger- wait, rephrase- one of MANY reasons I could never be a fashion blogger. I have an iPhone. And a mirror. And no one willing to take nine billion pictures of me until I find a few I like. So this will have to suffice. Although I will investigate the possibility of teaching the cat to use a camera. Maybe if I bribe her with crunchies…

Basically, that’s what’s been going on this week. I did bake some bread from scratch, but as it was my first attempt I didn’t bother to document it. I will be doing a whole wheat version next week, though, so I’ll be sure to post the recipe for that!

Happy Wednesday!



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