Cookie dough. Brownies. Chocolate.

For yesterday’s Super Bowl festivities I elected to make something sweet (I mean, of course I did.) I’ve had this recipe from The Domestic Rebel saved up for quite awhile now, so it was high time I tried it out.

These are so easy to make. See the link above for the full recipe, but I would be willing to bet you already have most (if not all) of the ingredients sitting in your pantry right now.

To start things off you simply whip up a boxed brownie mix. Make sure you follow the directions on the box to get a more fudge like (as opposed to cakey) brownie. While those are baking you can get started on the cookie dough. I’ve never been one to be concerned about the raw eggs in cookie dough, possibly because I’ve been eating cookie dough, cake batter, and similar for almost 22 years with no ill effects (unless you consider an obsession with all things cake batter an ill effect). If you do happen to be one of those people, though, rest assured that there are no raw eggs in this dough.

So, you know, feel free to try some. For taste test purposes, of course.



bb6I’ll spare you the picture of my cookie dough induced bliss face. Moving on, you get to use your hands to smoosh up (technical term, that) your now cooled brownies and wrap them around the cookie dough balls.


Once that’s done, you make the outer chocolate coating by melting chocolate chips. I used a blend of milk and semi sweet chips plus a splash of heavy cream for a more ganache type coating.

bb3There is really no elegant way to do this. A fork is as good as any. Also feel free to drop it in the molten chocolate and spoon it over. It’s whatever works, really.

After letting your chocolate covered brownie cookie dough balls chill in the freezer for half an hour or so, you can take them out and enjoy this…



And on the inside, we have…


These are basically a dessert trifecta. I suggest you go make them. In the meantime, I’m going to go munch on one. Or three.





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