Monday Musings 2.17.2014

Clearly, when I said I wanted to make Monday Musings a weekly sort of thing, I forgot that weekly means…ya know…every week. 

But I remembered this week, so you get to be treated to some of the more random ramblings of my brain. Yay!

Reading: This week I’ve been working my way through Sarah Waters’ The Little Stranger. The novel takes place in post WWII England. Dr. Faraday, a country doctor, makes a chance call to Hundreds Hall, a formerly glorious but now decaying manor. He befriends the Ayers family- siblings Roderick and Caroline and their aging mother- that calls Hundreds home, and begins to visit frequently. Gradually, he becomes aware of some strange and unexplainable happenings at Hundreds Hall. The scientist in Dr. Faraday searches for a logical explanation, but the staff at Hundreds are certain the place is haunted by something sinister.

This book is wonderfully chilling but rather slow going since I had to stop myself from reading too close to bedtime to prevent unpleasant dreams. If you’re a fan of Stephen King, who called this “The #1 book of 2009,” you should definitely try it!

the littlestranger


Watching: I recently finished watching the one and only season of Firefly on Netflix and have now joined the legions of angry fans who hoped for a longer run. To distract myself, I moved on to binge watching Once Upon a Time, of which I have become a huge fan. In the world of medical and political dramas (which, don’t get me wrong, I love) Once Upon a Time offers a different kind of T.V. experience that I really appreciate. I’m attempting to watch the first two seasons in time to watch the rest of season 3 on T.V. Snow days have helped this endeavor quite a bit.



Working On: My flexibility! You’d never know I took dance for almost 13 years if you watched me try to touch my toes. Yoga has improved my overall flexibility a lot, but my hamstrings…well, let’s just say I think I must have shortened hamstrings or something. That’s the only thing I can think of that would account for my completely imbalanced flexibility. So I’ve been doing this stretching routine from Fitness Blender every day in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, I will be able to touch my toes before I’m 30.

Loving: The Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret. Yeah, that thing you see on the cheesy infomercials and wonder if it actually works or is just a piece of junk.


My go-to hairstyle is loose waves/curls, and in the past I’ve always just used a plain ‘ole curling iron. But when my mom randomly decided to get one of these with some accumulated Walgreens points, I was more than happy to test it out.

The verdict? I am in love! I’ve been using a curling iron for my waves for over five years, so it’s not exactly hard anymore. But this tool makes it so easy to get the texture I want. Plus, it’s kind of fun to use.

Here’s what my curls looked like about 10 minutes after I finished (following a cooling period and some gentle tousling)


Sorry for the weird, faceless angle- taking selfies of my hair is apparently not a skill I possess. The point is, you can see that the Curl Secret worked pretty darn well on my extremely thick hair.

Here’s another picture from today (about 24 hours after the above picture) showing how the curls held up.


They’re a little looser, but for the most part I’m super happy about  how well they held up! Even after gently brushing my hair this morning the curls reformed into a slightly softer, beachy texture that I love!

While the Curl Secret is a bit of a splurge, I can’t recommend it enough!

Well, cookies, that exhausts the most recent goings on in my world. I hope everyone survived Monday, and the week only gets better from here! (Except for Tuesday. Sneaky devil.)


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