Monday Musings 3.3.2014

Monday again? It seems like these weeks are just flying by. I graduate from college in 67 days and it’s starting to freak me out!

Wearing: Speaking of freaking out, the weather has been insane this week. Yesterday was so warm and gorgeous I was able to wear this spring-ish dress for the first time when I went to lunch with some friends. The dress is by Band of Gypsies. It’s from last season, but the line as tons of cute new spring stuff out at Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters.



Doing: Today it’s been sleeting and snowing. I’m cuddle up in yoga pants and a sweater, and Callie’s stayed close by, always a definite sign the weather is bad.



School even got out early today, so I’ve spent my afternoon writing lesson plans and catching up on Archer. I’ve also found a few DIY projects to try soon, and a few recipes to boot. It’s been a pretty low key Monday.

Smiling Over: Just for kicks, here’s a picture one of my students drew of me last week. Their assignment in art was to draw one of their teacher, and she decided to do me. She spent a very long time debating over what color to use for my hair. She held up red, orange, and brown markers before finally deciding to use all of them. She also made me sit right beside her so she could have a live model.

What do ya think, see the resemblance?


Listening To: My current musical obsession is my Missy Higgins Pandora station. In addition to Missy Higgins, it’s been playing Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Regina Spektor, Sia, and Keri Noble. All some of my favorites, so I’m loving it!

Watching: I’ve been a Walking Dead fan since the beginning, and I’m so excited that the second half of the current season seems to be picking up. I’m glad that the most recent episodes have given us some back story on characters like Michonne and Daryl. They’re the ones I’ve always wondered about, and I hope we learn more about some of the other character soon. Now I want to know about Glen!



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