Breakfast Bar Fail

As a general rule, when I bake something and it doesn’t turn out it’s mainly the appearance of the baked good. It might look like a hot mess, but it usually still tastes just fine. Delicious, even. I’m not all that used to baking things that I don’t like the taste of.

Now, in the case of these Peanut Butter Oatmeal breakfast bars, I should have known better. I’m trying to watch the amount of sugar I eat (as in, I’m trying to lower the amount from coma inducing to just mildly excessive) so I thought these breakfast bars that had only 3 tablespoon of honey for sweetness would be great. Add in the peanut butter and oats and I thought I’d have a filling and lower sugar breakfast bar.


Unfortunately, to my sugar loving taste buds, these bars just weren’t quite sweet enough. I know, I know, I probably just need to deal with it. But I can’t. It’s definitely a sugar addiction. I need rehab.

Then, of course, there is the banana thing. The thing about bananas that I always forget. I HATE hot or baked bananas. But when someone offers me bananas foster or banana bread I always take it because I apparently think my taste buds will have magically changed since the last time I tried. So when this recipe called for a sliced banana I didn’t even question it. In it went. And of course, I still hate baked bananas.



That’s not to say that this is a bad recipe. I’m actually going to try these again and use the original recipe as a base. But this time no bananas, more peanut butter, more honey.


And possibly a little sugar.

I know, I know, but mornings are not the time to try and beat a sugar addiction.


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