Real life looming

I had originally planned this for part of my regular Monday Musings post, but what can I say? Life got in the way. Also snow. Lots of snow. Today is the second snow day this week and I’m about to go stir crazy. I’m actually considering organizing my closet for entertainment. Considering is probably as far as I’ll get in that process, but it just shows you how desperately bored I am.



Apache, however, is on cloud nine. This morning when I went to feed him he came up to the barn only after a few minutes of gleeful prancing and bucking. I was worried he might be cold since has already started to shed his winter coat, and I was fully planning to haul his blanket back out, but I think the fact that he was voluntarily out playing in the snow instead of hanging out in the warm barn indicates he’s quiet content.

I had an awesome weekend, too, full of fun and warmer weather. My boyfriend and I made a road trip to visit my aunt and his brother. We also ate copious amounts of pasta and sushi (not at the same time) and saw the Veronica Mars movie (which I have been eagerly awaiting for almost a year). And we did a little shopping. Or a lot. I do have a birthday coming up in a few weeks 😉



That’s the massive sushi bowl. And I don’t even have a picture of the two rolls of sushi I somehow managed to eat. What can I say, I like spicy crab!

On Monday I attended a career fair for future teachers. Counties from all over the state sent representatives to meet with potential future employees. I’ve spent weeks fine tuning my resume for this occasion. Don’t even get me started on how much I hate resumes. (Here’s a hint. It’s more than I hate brownies with nuts in them.)

It was really great to meet so many people who are very enthusiastic about finding the best teachers for their schools. I’m very excited about some of the school systems with which I am considering applying for jobs because the representatives I met were so friendly, helpful, and enthusiastic about where they live and their schools.

Attending this career fair also really makes me realize how close I am to being in The Real World. I graduate in 45 days, 1 hour, and 25 minutes. You know, approximately. After that I will hopefully be starting my first real big girl job in just a few months. Depending on the day, my thoughts range from “Oh my gosh I am so excited to have my own class! It’s going to be great!”  to “Who in their right minds decided it was a good idea to put me in charge of the education of these kids? I can’t even do basic math without a calculator!” (Side note- I can, in fact, do basic math without a calculator. Multiplication just takes me a long time. Numbers are not my friends.)

And I know everyone feels like this at some point when graduating from college and it’s totally normal. Luckily, most of the time I lean towards the super excited end of the spectrum. I know teaching is what I am supposed to do, and I am just so ready to get out there and actually get to do it.

In the meantime, I still have over a month of student teaching left to enjoy. And that also means I need to go make some lesson plans. Luckily, I have Callie to keep me company. And also to keep my feet warm.




2 thoughts on “Real life looming

  1. You will be a wonderful teacher! The kids will be so lucky to have you! I am so proud of you! But, as for that closet thing….you might want to consider a little harder….I put some clothes in there while you were gone & was afraid I might get lost !! (Kidding!)

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