Monday Musings 3.31.2014

Another Monday has rolled around, and for once I’m actually feeling pretty rested. It certainly has absolutely nothing to do with my feelings about the Walking Dead being over for the season. What am I supposed to watch now?? Oh, wait. Once Upon a Time. Problem solved.



Callie is a good T.V. watching companion. She basically just sleeps on the back of the couch and occasionally makes adorable yawning noises.

Drinking: I go through phases when it comes to my caffeine of choice. In high school I was a coffee obsessed fiend. I think, in one particularly over caffeinated spell, I even came up with a little jingle declaring my love for it. Then, around the age of sixteen, I started getting really bad migraines. At the advice of my doctor I cut back on my coffee drinking to see if that would help and I started drinking tea. This went on for a few years, into my sophomore year of college. Then I rediscovered coffee. Now I just sort of vacillate back and forth every few months. Currently I’m in a tea phase. I don’t drink any super special kind of tea. Twinnings English or Irish breakfast is my bagged brew of choice. I also have some loose leaf chai and green teas from Teavana that I love. My only real requirement is a cute mug.



Movies: I went with my mom this weekend to see the movie Divergent. I am such a huge fan of the books so I was really looking forward to seeing how they did adapting it to the big screen. Overall I really loved it! I felt like they did a pretty good job of staying true to the book, which is always a criteria of mine for a good movie. Shailene Woodley has been one of my favorite actresses since she was in The Descendants with George Clooney, so I’m excited to see her doing more major movies!

Eating: As part of my resolution to eat more vegetables, I’ve been making a spicy veggie wrap for lunch a lot lately. All I do is saute a bunch of veggies (spinach, onions, zucchini, tomatoes, and peppers, mostly) and toss of bunch of my homemade cajun seasoning on it. Throw it on a wrap with some sour cream- delicious!

Soaking Up: The sunshine! After the weirdly cold and snowy weather last week today was a much needed gorgeous day.



Unfortunately, it looks like we may be in for another cold snap next week, just in time for my birthday. Joy.









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