Monday Musings 4.7.2014

I’m really excited about this Monday. It’s the start of my birthday week! I have to confess that I tend to drag my birthday celebrations out for basically an entire week. That’s not to say I have multiple parties or go out every night. Far from it. But I do let my self splurge on things I wouldn’t ordinarily for the entire week. You know, a Starbucks trip here, $30 mascara there (it’s my most expensive indulgence and don’t you dare judge me!)

There are lots of other cool things coming up with week besides my birthday (FIELD TRIP!) and I can’t wait!

School Switch Up: Today at school I spent most of the day covering for another teacher instead of being in my regular class. It was actually pretty cool just to see what another special ed class is working on. Some of the kids are working on a celebrities with disabilities project. Apparently Robin William has ADHD, Jay Leno has dyslexia, and Cameron Diaz has OCD. Who knew?


Rainy Running: I’m trying to get back into the running swing, but the weather just hasn’t been cooperating. Every time I have a run planned it starts to pour. I know this is going to make me sound like such a sissy, but I hate running in the rain because my hair gets wet. I don’t wash my hair every day because it takes hours to air dry and is a real pain to blow dry. So anything that causes me to do it unnecessarily is not okay in my book.


The view from my window, and the main reason I decided to do an ab workout instead of run.

Reading: Over the weekend I read a book called The Bear by Claire Cameron. Inspired by real events, it tells the story of a 5 year old girl named Anna who must survive in the wilderness with her two year old brother after a black bear kills her parents while on a camping trip.



Overall, I really loved this book. The ending, in particular, had me in tears. I’m actually planning to do a more in depth review of this book, so stay tuned!

And that’s it for this Monday Musings. Have a great week, all!






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