Favorite Fitness Links: Yoga for Sleep

I know, I know, I’m entirely too alliterative. First Monday Musings, now Favorite Fitness. But it’s not stopping any time soon. So get used to it.

At any rate, I wanted to use this (semi) regularly occurring type of post to share some of the fitness related things I’ve been trying. Since I like to try and keep my exercise varied, there is sure to be a wide variety of things to check out! And even though I’m obsessed with it I promise that not every single link will be from Fitness Blender.

This week I want to share some nighttime yoga routines I’ve been trying. Lately my sleep habits have been AWFUL, and I’ve had a hard time falling asleep. I often find myself tossing and turning for ages before I finally doze off. Some of this, I know, is because I’ve got so much on my mind right now. So in an effort to help me relax I’ve been trying to incorporate some gentle yoga into my nighttime routine. Here are a few routines I’ve been loving:

1. Women’s Fitness Yoga for Bedtime

This routine incorporates some classic but simple yoga poses that you can do while in your pajamas. Your bed can even serve as your yoga mat.

2. Art of Living Yoga for Sleep

This article includes a few yoga poses to try before bedtime as well as some other more general suggestions for creating good sleep habits.

3. Oprah’s Yoga for Insomnia

I really like this article because it includes a guide for using one of my favorite breathing techniques, Alternate Nostril Breathing. I’ve used this technique during the day when I start to feel stressed out, and it works just as well for relaxing at night.

With any luck, keeping up with this pre bedtime yoga will have me feeling less like this



And getting more of this



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