Remember that time I forgot I had a blog?

So, I’m not dead (I hope to make it to at least 90). I have not moved to remote Amazonian village (too hot, and cute shoes are immensely impractical). And I also have not abandoned my intended teaching career to enter America’s Got Talent with Callie (the last time I tried to teach her a trick she sliced my hand open and still got to eat all the treats I was bribing her with).

I’ve just been working a lot and stressing a lot and making major life decisions and waiting not so patiently for all the pieces to fall into place. The good news is that I think (hope?) that everything is on the verge of falling gorgeously, perfectly into place. I know life has a way of never working out quite the way you expect it to or even want it to, but I truly believe that everything that has happened lately has been for the best and set me up for an amazing upcoming year. I’ve got my fingers crossed that soon I’ll be able to talk in a little more detail about all of the exciting things going on, but for I’m just counting the blessings I already have.

I don’t have much else to add- I haven’t cooked a single thing in ages. My workouts are based around running through a restaurant hefting trays of food. And it took me three weeks- WEEKS!- to finish my last crafting project that wasn’t really a crafting project. I just painted some flower pots white and gold (my current favorite color combination) and rearranged my box garden.




I’ve also watched excessive amounts of Designing Women and prayed I could be Julia Sugarbaker when I grow up. If you don’t know who Julia Sugarbaker is or why she is so wonderful, I suggest you run (don’t walk) to your nearest Walmart/Target/Computer with access to Amazon and just go ahead and buy the entire series. We can’t be friends until you educate yourself.



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