Links to various places on the internet that have successfully distracted me

Someone needs to take away my post titling license. Clearly I cannot come up with a short, to the point title today. The above was my third attempt. On an unrelated side note, I cannot clean a litter box without causing minor plumbing disasters.

I blame my recent week long vacation. It was so darn relaxing I even neglected to take more than a few picture and also apparently forgot how to function in the real world. Not that I care. I got to enjoy this view every morning, which was well worth the temporary real world dementia.

lakeviewCallie enjoyed the view too. Of course, she spent her time outside safely secured in her cat carrier.


Yeah, we took the cat vacationing. Weirdly enough, she actually likes car rides. Especially when she gets to spend them like this:


So anyway, I have spent next to no time doing anything but basking in the sunshine for quite awhile and thus don’t have a whole lot of typical blog stuff to detail. However, I have managed to successfully distract myself from the impending doom that is my unorganized bathroom cabinets (and, okay, my closet too) with an assortment of random articles all over the internet. If you find yourself in a similar position of procrastination, have a look.

Also, I feel it’s only fair to warn you: I came across these things through various reliable and unreliable methods and have no idea how accurate/truthful/real some of these things are, so like a good margarita, take it all with a grain of salt.

1. This is why drugs are bad, kids

Some before and after pictures of what meth does to your appearance. It ain’t pretty, I’ll tell you that. It also makes my skin crawl.

2. Maps of vast empires that no longer exist

I really love historical maps. This infographic is a pretty cool way to show just how massive some historical empires were. Britain was basically set to take over the world. The Huns and the Mongols were doing pretty darn well for themselves, too.

3. What to do when you have a lazy cat

Cute pictures, and an idea I will possibly hold on to for a rainy day when I need to procrastinate some more.

4. This pretty much accurately sums up life as we know it

It’s true and it’s funny!

5. Countries of the World Quiz

See how many countries of the world can you name in 12 minutes? There are 196…ready, set go! (Also, why are there so many tiny island nations? Why??)


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