Thoughts on things

I go through phases a lot. I get ideas about new habits I’m going to form, new things I want to try, goals I want to reach. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve decided I want to run a half marathon, write a book, refinish a piece of furniture, take up knitting, and a million other things, big and small.

Needless to say, the most I’ve ever run at one time is about five miles. I once wrote twenty pages of a book that were probably (okay, definitely) not very good. That coffee table I’ve been meaning to get around to is still in the basement. And I have finished a grand total of two scarves since learning to knit.

I know lots of people are like this. Humans are prone to flights of fancy, I more than most. And I’m coming to terms with the fact that, to a certain extent, I may always be like this. I like to try lots of things, but few have resulted in a long term hobby, passion, or obsession. Unless you count cupcakes. Are cupcakes a hobby? They really should be, because I would be most excellent at cupcaking. And also, apparently, word inventing.

I bring all of this up because sometimes I feel bad that I often have so little to write about on this blog. I don’t go on a lot of exciting trips. I didn’t (nor do I plan to) move to a foreign country. I can’t create amazing new recipes for you or teach you how to be a mini Martha Stewart.

Basically, I spend time with people I love. I go to work. I read a lot. I spend more time on Netflix than I probably should. I run sometimes, and do yoga sometimes too. When I’m really motivated I paint flower pots and glasses. And occasionally I make food that tastes good and take pictures of the beautiful things I see.

It might not be the most “blog worthy” existence (by which I just mean that reading about it is probably not appealing to a particularly large audience) but I do love my life and I have enjoyed blogging a lot, however infrequently I may do it. So this is just a little explanation for why my posts tend to come in waves and aren’t always terribly exciting to anyone but me and maybe the people (person?) who google search my blog on a near daily basis (whoever you are, thanks for checking in. Sorry there hasn’t always been a lot to see!)

This is also my way of saying that I do really want to push myself to try more things, to expand and grow. As I enter a new phase of my life this seems as good a time as any to develop a new hobby/passion/outlet for my excess energy/ what have you. So hopefully there will be more on this soon!

In the meantime, cat whispering can be my main hobby. Although even that needs work, because I can’t even keep Callie off of major household appliances.



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