A week in review

School started on Tuesday, and good grief has it been a busy week. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this on the blog before, but my job is at two different schools. I am at one Monday and Wednesday, the other Tuesday and Thursday, and I split my Fridays between the two schools.


This is one of my doors- the room it goes with is still in progress. It was used as a storage space last year. Because it’s so big (yay!) it had a lot of stuff in it. That means that right now it is finally organized but not super decorated. It’s a work in progress.

My room at the other school is shared with another resource teacher and she’s had the same room for awhile. That means it was already really nice when I got there πŸ™‚

Most of this week has involved me wrangling my nightmare of a schedule. It took until this afternoon to finally get everything in place in a way that would work for both me and the general education teachers I work with.


Because I sometimes have to see things in order to understand how it will all fit together, I made my schedule by writing out every single service delivery each of my students needed. For example, if a student needed to be pulled out of their regular class for reading instruction three times in a week, I wrote their name and “Reading Pullout” three times. When I saw that students had over lapping goals I put them into groups. Then I spent forever sprawled on the floor, pulling my hair out, and praying to the gods of scheduling for divine intervention.

It was tough, but thanks to some really awesome coworkers it is finally set.

But if anyone changes their schedule I may burst into tears.


Now I just have to plan some lessons for next week and I’ll be good to go…


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