All Dogs Go to Heaven

I love all animals. Cats (obviously), dogs, horses, kangaroos, bush babies- you name it, I love it. Except snakes. Not them so much. Or Komodo dragons. Those things are terrifying.

But what I’m saying is, I’m the kind of girl who needs a creature nearby to be her happiest.

I’ve always known that wherever I moved after college, this pretty lady would not be coming with me.


Callie is an indoor-outdoor cat who is very attached to the outdoors. It would not be fair of me to ask her to give up her beloved outside time, and I am not comfortable moving her to a new, unfamiliar place so near a highway (which the new apartment is) and letting her continue her outside prowling.

My dad also really likes her. Like, a lot. So we decided a long time ago, as sad as it made me, that Callie would remain with my parents.

Now, the only question was what kind of animal were we going to get now that our options were open? My boyfriend refused to pick between a cat or a dog, leaving the choice up to me. I waffled for awhile, but ultimately decided getting another cat felt too much like a betrayal of Callie, or like I was trying to replace her. Weird, I know, but still.

So we happened to go the the Humane Society and we saw this smaller shepherd mix. He had the sweetest face and was the only dog not barking hysterically. We decided to take him for a walk since clearly he was the most well behaved.

Right away we saw that he had a leg injury. He hopped on three legs, keeping his front left leg tucked up. We were told that he had a break that had started to heal before he was rescued, but it wasn’t slowing him down at all. We walked him on the wooded trails near the shelter and he walked and ran along with us with no problems.

As we walked, I told my boyfriend, “You know what I’ve always wanted to name a dog?”
“What?” he asked.

Now, at this point, you should know something about me. I hoard animal names. If I read about a book, see a movie, or otherwise hear about some interesting character I file it away for potential future pet names. I have over two dozen cat and dog names saved up, but I’ve probably been holding on to this one longest.

“Charlie,” I said, “after the German Shepherd in All Dogs Go To Heaven.” (Which, if you don’t know, features a rascally Shepherd with a heart of gold)

“Huh,” my boyfriend replied. “He could be a Charlie.”

I knew then we were thinking the same thing. We wanted this dog.

And that’s how this guy came home with is four days later.



This is our Charlie. He’s a German Shepherd/Australian Cattle Dog mix. At 38 pounds he’s got the size and build of a cattle dog with a more shepherd-ish color.

He so far has little interest in toys. His main hobbies include cuddling and/or following us everywhere and destroying blinds when left alone. Yup, the poor boy has some separation anxiety. This is how I happened to buy a dog crate at 7 pm on a Friday. Luckily I think the crate will help. He seems to like it, so maybe it’ll be his safe space.

Other than that he’s a doll. He loves loves loves people and cuddles and sitting with you on the couch. He walks and runs and enjoys being outside. He and Callie have had only very brief encounters. Charlie is interested in (but not at all aggressive towards) Callie. Callie has mostly ignored him and runs off to my parents’ room- her safe, dog free space- but she has slowly gotten to the point where she will venture downstairs where Charlie is and slink around for brief periods.

He accompanied my mom and I to the new apartment while we cleaned today and spent most of his time doing this


Also, he has this adorable white spot on his chin and I love it.


So that was really long, be we are really in love with this dog. There will surely be (many) more pictures and Charlie stories to follow.


5 thoughts on “All Dogs Go to Heaven

  1. Charlie, we love you! You are so, so lucky to have Meg and Huni to take care of you. Can’t wait to see all three of you again!

    • He’s already made lots of progress with his leg- the regular exercise seems the have made a ton of difference, and we follow it up with stretches and a doggy massage. Thanks for asking!

  2. I was searching for dogs that looked similar to mine and up popped your Charlie who is the spitting image of our girl Coda. We adopted her from a shelter Nov. of 2010. The coloring and the stocky, cattle dog body is exactly the same. I hope your Charlie is as well behaved as our Coda is (now she is a bit older) but I can tell Charlie is as well loved!

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