Monday Musings 10.13.14

It’s been quite awhile since I had an official Monday Musings post. Here are some things of note:

1) I think I may have missed my true calling as a cotton candy maker. I got to take a turn making one of my favorite childhood treats during one of my school’s fall festivals last week and it was surprisingly fun. In case you were wondering, blue is by far the most popular flavor. It is also the flavor most likely to end up stuck in a rock hard sugar crystal tangle in your hair. Just FYI.

2) Charlie may be renamed Houdini. Today is the second time he has managed to escape from his metal crate. He did really well with it the first week we had him.

Then when we moved into the new apartment he didn’t do so well with it. He managed to chew, bend, pry, and squirm his way out of the bottom section. We put a piece of plywood on the floor of the crate, thinking there was no way he could get through that the same way he managed to with the hard plastic bottom that was originally there.

Except he can. My mom and dad dropped by to check on him today and found he had managed to pop the latches and walk out the door of the crate. I’m torn between being annoyed and impressed.

This did lead us to the discovery that his separation anxiety does not cause any destructive behaviors. He just REALLY wants to look out the window. Once he does that, we found, his whining also drops to low level. He eventually calms down (for the most part) so we are going to try leaving him out and see how he does.

3) I also took Charlie running with me for the first time today. He really loved it (think doggy bliss face the whole time, even though it was pouring rain) so I’m hoping making him my regular running buddy will help his stress levels.

4) Unpacking sucks. That is all.

5) No, wait. That’s not all. I’ll cook you dinner if you come unpack for me. Right now getting through the spare bedroom is a feat akin to climbing K2, there are so many boxes and bags.

6) Note to self: have less clothes Next time, find a place with bigger closets.

So there’s a quick update. Enjoy some Charlie pics, and have a wonderful evening!






4 thoughts on “Monday Musings 10.13.14

  1. Hi there! I came across your blog when I was researching German Shepherd/Austrailian Cattle Dog mixes. My husband and I just rescued that same mix last week and bring her home next Monday! She looks so much Charlie! I would love to hear more about how it has been going with your dog. Our puppy is only 10 weeks, so you’re ahead of us but I would love to hear more about temperment or other things you have been noticing! Thanks!

    • Congrats on the new puppy! Charlie has been a really wonderful dog. He does have some separation anxiety but I think that has more to do with being abandoned than his breed.

      Other than that he’s been very sweet with adults, kids, and other dogs. He does okay with cats unless they run- then I think those herding instincts kick in and he wants to chase.

      He’s around 38 pounds and I doubt he’ll get much bigger. Fill out a little, maybe, but I imagine he’ll stay in the 40 ish pound range. He’s a VERY good jumper, so if you have any kind of fencing I would make sure it’s good and high. Also, he seems to really enjoy running with me. He’s high energy outside but pretty mellow inside.

      Training has been on the easy side so far- I think both ACDs and GSDs are just so smart and they want to please, so consistency and a few treats have gone a long way with him.

      I hope bringing your puppy homes goes well! I’m sure I’ll post more Charlie updates soon, and I’d love to hear about your dog!

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