Teacher workdays, junk food, and radial nerves

I. Love. Teacher. Workdays. Today was a mandatory teacher workday and I was more productive today than I have been all week. I’ve had some paperwork stuff that I’ve been putting off and putting off (it’s been on my to-do list for literally three weeks) because it wasn’t anything that had a specific, pressing deadline and there were other things I had to do that did have specific, pressing deadlines.

Plus, it was quiet. So, so quiet. Don’t get me wrong, I love the kiddos I work with but they can be very distracting (even when they aren’t in my room. No idea how they manage that.)

Of course, now that I got that paperwork done there’s suddenly more to do. But such is the life of a special ed teacher.

I’ve decided I really need to get better about meal planning, especially when it comes to lunch. I may have mentioned this before, but I don’t generally bring lunch to school. I was so used to never eating lunch over the summer and was never bothered by it that I just kind of assumed I would be fine.

Of course, I didn’t take in to account that during the summer I spend my days constantly running around a restaurant and am so busy I don’t get hungry. At school, it’s a very different kind of busy- the kind that doesn’t conceal hunger AT ALL. Which is how I’ve fallen into the habit of eating vending machine junk food lunches more often than I care to admit. It’s starting to make me feel super sluggish and my skin is also paying the price.

Hopefully I will find some simple, tasty, and healthy lunch ideas I can share!

Also, a Charlie Update: we officially adopted him a week ago! Before that we were technically just fostering him but with the intent to adopt. But now he’s totally ours!

He had his first vet visit yesterday and we were finally able to find out more about his leg. Apparently the damage from his accident (probably hit by a car but we can’t be sure) is to the radial nerve in his leg. It controls the muscles in the lower and front parts of the leg.

The damage caused reduced blood flow and sensation to the leg to varying degrees. It causes Charlie to drag to top of his paw sometimes, and it makes him clumsy- he can’t usually support his weight with just that leg. The vet said he won’t ever regain full use of his leg, but it won’t cause him any pain either. We just have to make sure he doesn’t have any injuries to that leg because he likely won’t feel much (or any) pain that would otherwise make him slow down.

We’ll keep doing his stretches to help maintain the blood flow and muscle mass, but in the meantime it’s not slowing Charlie down one bit. He’s learned to open the screen door, runs like a speeding bullet, and enjoys fall afternoon picnics.


I also got some beautiful flowers from my boyfriend today. They make a perfect fall table topper, don’t ya think?



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