For a long time I thought that Thanksgiving was the most overrated holiday. I’m not entirely sure what I didn’t like about it. Perhaps the Christmas lover in me just saw it as the final obstacle between me and the most wonderful time of the year.

Maybe it was my decade long hatred of turkey. And also pumpkin pie. I know, it’s weird. For the record, I balanced out those turkey free years by eating a smoked turkey and brie sandwich every single day for an entire summer the second year I worked at the restaurant.

Whatever the reason, I realized just this year how much I was looking forward to Thanksgiving and I was kind of surprised. I don’t know if Thanksgiving is just the kind of holiday that takes a certain maturity level to appreciate or if a strange obsession with pumpkin pie is on the rise (unlikely.) I do know that I have so many things I am thankful for, and so many people I want to extend thanks to this holiday season. So, a big thank you to:

1. My boyfriend

This is the guy who never fails to make me laugh, puts up with my neurotic tendencies, and is always willing to cook a delicious dinner no matter how late he has worked. Of course, I guess when the alternative is anything my meager cooking skills manage to whip up he is fairly motivated. He is a friend, lover, and partner all rolled into one and I love him dearly.

2. My parents

My mom and dad are just plain awesome. Time and time again I am amazed by them and everything they do for me. My dad is my go to mechanic, fixer of all things, sitter of the dog, and an all around amazing man. My mom is the one who listens to me complain without judgement, shares my sense of style and my love of horror movies, and is the Lorelai to my Rory. Hopefully that explains it.

3. My grandmother and aunt

My grandmother and aunt are two other major influences in my life. My grandmother is such a giving woman. She regularly makes dinner for us and always keeps my favorite ice cream in good supply, just in case. My aunt has always been like a second mom to me. In addition, she is a wonderful traveling companion, excellent financial advisor, and an all around cool lady.

4. The rest of my family

I have a fairly large extended family. I may not get to see all of them as often as would be ideal, but I always look forward to getting together with them around the holidays. They are a fun, loving, kind hearted bunch and I appreciate them more and more as the years go by.

5. Charlie

Charlie has only been with us for two months, but I can’t imagine life without him. There is no creature quite like a dog, who lives only to love and be loved. There is no day that can’t be made better by Charlie’s untiring devotion, love of life, and appreciation of the simple things. Like cheese. Cheese is good. So is sleeping on the bed all day (Psst! That helps his anxiety!)

6. My coworkers

I’m not sure how I would have survived the first few months of this school year if not for some truly wonderful coworkers at both of the schools I have the privilege of working at. I must have asked ninety billion questions by this point, but they have always answered with a smile and a willingness to help. I am so grateful for their support and I’ve learned so much from them.

7. The woman at the gas station

At the start of the school year I got into the habit of stopping at a gas station for coffee. Weirdly and inexplicably, this is the best coffee outside of the coffee from the restaurant I work at during the summer. But what really makes the coffee worth it is the woman who works there. Even at 6:45 in the morning she is always friendly and cheerful. She always greets me like a friend and never fails to compliment my outfit, my hair, something. I’m always disappointed when she is not there, and I appreciate her kindness more than she knows.

8. My friends

Leaving high school and then college is a strange thing. The people who have been such close friends to you move, start the next chapter of their lives, and things shift. So I just want to say, to all of my friends, those from high school, college, work, wherever, that I am so glad to have you in my life. We may not talk or see each other often, but the fact that I can always call or text you out of the blue with whatever is going on in my life means so much to me.

9. Callie

I can’t give thanks without mentioning Callie. I miss my sweet cat a lot and she will always hold a special place in my heart regardless of who she lives with.

10. Everyone else

Okay, this is beyond broad. But I feel like I am so lucky to have so many positive, uplifting people in my life- former teachers, mentors, fellow volunteers, and so many others. I am grateful for the presence of all of those people who may not fall into one of the above categories and everything the have taught me. I am the woman I am today because of everyone on this list.

Thank you, and I hope everyone has a wonderful day.




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