Fruit Drop Cookies

These are my all time favorite Christmas cookie. They look a little odd when it’s all said and done (not unlike a fruitcake cookie) but I swear these are a million times better than fruitcake.

My grandfather made these cookies many years ago and I was convinced they would be awful. I mean, they just looked so strange. If I wouldn’t eat them, I was sure no one else would. I wasn’t a picky eater, after all. No sir, not me.

But I didn’t want his feelings to be hurt so at our family Christmas party I took handfuls of them, wrapped them in a napkin, and stuffed them in my purse. This continued for some time until my aunt asked me what in the world I was doing. I explained, and she tried one. She convinced me to eat one too, and the rest is history.

This recipe came from my great aunt, and I have no idea where she got it. So just know that I take no credit for these cookie oddities. My grandmother whips up about a million of them every year, and Charlie and I went over to her house to help.


They are pretty much fool proof. I mean, seriously. Just look.






Charlie loves his grandma Gayle.




See? They look like fruitcakes. Except, again, way more delicious.


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