Not Friday Yet

Yes, I know today is actually Friday. I’ll still be at school tomorrow, though, so really this is like my Thursday. My school district has Saturday school thanks to a recent bout of snow days. So I’ll be in school for half the day tomorrow. While it may not be my favorite thing in the world I prefer this to the alternative: extending the school year well into June and/or cutting spring break.

After school today I hung out with my aunt who was visiting for a few days. She’s always willing to play photographer for me. We took Charlie on a walk and I had her try to snap a few pictures of the cute outfit I managed to put together today. It served as yet another reminder why, in spite of my love for clothes, I don’t do more fashion posts. I have no idea how to pose!

2015/02/img_4774.jpg That’s Charlie’s “I’m ready for walks!” face.

2015/02/img_4763.jpg My outfit sans coat and walking into a head wind.

2015/02/img_4765.jpg Really, I don’t know why my eyes are never open in semi candid pictures. Can I blame the glare from the sun?

2015/02/img_4766.jpg Hah! An opened eyed and red nosed from the cold shot!

2015/02/img_4764.jpg Time to put the coat back on.


This picture made me realize how long my hair has gotten. I’ve been whining for ages that I wanted my hair to grow really long. Then I saw this and thought, huh, my hair is really long, for me anyway.



I really need some gloves, it looks like.

I can’t link to any of these pieces because they are all ancient. And by ancient I mean a few seasons old. But if anyone cares, the skirt is J.Crew, the camisole is Aerie, sweater is from Gap, and the boots are from Modcloth. I have no idea where the coat came from, I’ve had it since 9th grade. So there you have, a little dose of Friday fashion. Happy weekend!


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