Spring Break 2015

In the past two weeks I’ve been to school twice- once for an actual day of school and once for a workday. Because we have missed so many days the school system made the decision to take the first two days of spring break in order to make up some time.

This might make some people sad, but I don’t mind too much. For one, I don’t want to be in school through July. For another, I grew up here. This won’t be the first time I’ve had a few days of Spring Break taken. One notable year we didn’t have a break at all.

Also, I didn’t have any grand plans for Spring Break anyway. I’d be much more upset if I had beach plans. But honestly, I’d probably just be doing a lot of what I have been for the last two weeks. Just with more sunshine and less snow.

Charlie and I have started channeling his previously unrealized sled dog potential with lots of runs through belly deep snow. His belly, not mine. If it were up to my belly you can bet your ravioli I would not be going outside.



I’ve spent hours doing one of my most favorite guilty pleasures, looking at house plans. I’ve loved looking at house plans since I was in middle school. Luckily for me, my parents had considered building a home at one point so we always had tons of plan books lying around.

I’ve also been writing for fun, something I haven’t done a lot of since high school. While my most recent project is in the very early stages, I am very motivated by the fact that I’ve reached 15,000 words (around 58 typed pages) and haven’t gotten stuck yet.

Most amazingly, I’ve also had the time to read! I never used to understand when my teachers would say they didn’t have much time to read during the school year. Now I completely understand. It’s not so much that I lack the spare time in the evenings, but more that I lack energy and focus during that time.

Last weekend, though, I grabbed several of my old favorites from my mom and dad’s house and have throughly enjoyed having the time to devour them properly.

For the final day of break, my boyfriend and I took a day trip to his hometown. His mom made us tons of delicious food, and it was nice to get out of Snowville for the day.

We saw these incredibly strange (but also awesome?) cars.



Plus, I had my favorite road trip snack.


As fun as the impromptu break was, I was SO glad to be back at school today. I’ve already got a million things to do!

So, until next time, have an awesome day!


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