Horses…and lions

Last week my boyfriend and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary. To celebrate, I arranged for us to spend the day horseback riding. I haven’t ridden since before Apache died, so over a year at this point. Luckily, riding a horse is apparently like riding a bike, only way WAY better. In the saddle is still definitely one of my favorite places to be.

My horse for the day was this handsome palomino named Simba, who was a beauty and a sweetheart. My boyfriend rode the handsome bay, Indy.


We got along perfectly and spent the morning and part of the afternoon taking a leisurely ride through what is (in my slightly prejudiced opinion) the most beautiful place in the world.





Silly Simba. He made a lot of faces.



What a perfect day! The weather was the best it’s been for a week, so we lucked out there! It’s too bad I don’t think our lease covers horses under “approved pets.” Charlie would have liked a big equine brother.


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