Actual Spring Break

My actual spring break (not my snow spring break) has officially started as of 3:15-ish yesterday and I have big plans! I’m blogging about them in the hopes that if I publicly commit to it I’ll feel compelled to follow through. We’ll see how that goes…

Anyway, on to my big plans!

We decided to renew the lease on our apartment. To be honest, when the whole apartment hunting thing first was happening back in September it was kind of a “meets budget, is not near any known meth labs, allows pets, close to work, okay!” kind of thing. Since we were taking over a lease and not signing a full year lease, I knew that if we wound up not liking it here we could always just find somewhere else in a few months.

The time came to renew our lease, though, and we decided to stick around. The price is right, we have a small yard for Charlie, it’s near a creek (I love living near water) and it’s super close to town without being “in town.” I’ve come to really like our little place. But it is really…small. I confess to having put off some of the decorating and organizing tasks that would really add some character to the place, mainly because I didn’t want to go to the trouble of working out specific solutions for this particular place if we weren’t going to be here that long. So lazy, I know.

But now that it looks like we’ll be here for a lot longer, I’m ready to jump in and take on lots of organizing and decorating tasks. I’ve already made plans to hit up Bed, Bath, and Beyond this week to look for some better storage solutions. I also ordered a new quilt, bought a few decorative pieces (yay TJ Maxx for cheap decor!) and have been avidly looking at the “small apartments” tag on Pinterest for inspiration. I hope in a few weeks I can post some “makeover” pictures of the new and improved Casa Ginger!

Right now, I’m taking a quick break after cleaning out the refrigerator and freezer and preparing myself to take on the Herculean task of organizing my Tupperware. Wish me luck.


Charlie’s contribution to the cleaning efforts involves looking cute and laying in the way.


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