6 Months with Charlie

Today marks 6 months since we first brought Charlie home! This little guy continues to be such a ray of sunshine in my life. Everyone who meets him remarks on his sweet, friendly nature. I can’t say enough about how much I love this dog. In honor of having put up with us for half a year, here’s an update profile on Mr. Charlie.

Age: 1 1/2

Weight: Right around 40 pounds

Dog Food of Choice: Charlie eats Blue Buffalo. Until recently we were feeding him the chicken and brown rice flavor. To help with some food boredom and also hopefully help his dry, itchy skin we switched to the fish and sweet potato flavor.

People Food of Choice: Cheese. And peanut butter. But mainly cheese.

Tricks/Commands He Knows: Sit, Stay, Shake, Beg, Come are rock solid. Lay down is a little rough, but we’re working on it. Roll over is also a work in progress.

Favorite Things: Cuddles, going for walks, running and playing chase, wiggling on his back in grass, car rides, eating, and giving kisses.

Favorite Toys: Until very recently Charlie had zero interest in toys. It was like he didn’t know how to play. Then my friend Laura sent him a rope tug toy and he LOVED it. So far that’s to only one he really likes. Well, he does like his Kong. But since his main interest in that involves getting the peanut butter out of it, I don’t think it really counts as a toy.

Dislikes: Being home alone, smoke alarms (which I set off at an unfortunate rate), and the vacuum. We haven’t experienced a thunder storm since we got him so I’m not sure how he’ll do with that.

Speaking of being home alone…: I’m so happy with the progress Charlie has made with his separation anxiety. After consulting a vet, he began taking a very low dose of Prozac (yes, really). Along with some good, old fashioned time, it seems to have made a big difference. Charlie still hates being left alone and does still whine (and occasionally bark) but it is much quieter and less frequent than before. Just yesterday I set up my laptop to record him while I was out for a few hours and he spent probably 70% of the time just laying on the bed. Maybe 20% was spent looking out the window, and only 10% of the time was spent making noise. Given that when we first got him he would literally bark nonstop, this a HUGE improvement. I can only hope that time will continue to make him more comfortable being on his own.

Dog Friends: Charlie loves to go to the dog park and really enjoys playing chase with dogs that are his size or smaller. He also likes to stop and visit with dogs we meet on walks. He is, however, still very intimated by dogs that are bigger than he is unless they are also very friendly.

Now enjoy some pictures of my favorite mutt.

Sunday cuddles


His beloved tug toy


Being brave and making friends with the Great Dane at the dog park


More friends!


Can you spot the Charlie nose?


Knee is good spot. I will nap here.


Bedtime cuddles



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