My first year of teaching

My first year of teaching wrapped up recently. The last day for students was about two weeks ago, but then we had a few teacher work days. Immediately following that I started my waitressing job again. This was Friday…


Holy guacamole. No wonder my feet hurt. Anyway, that’s been my life lately. This post probably would have been more appropriate on one of my actual “last days” but oh well. 

The end of the year was a welcome relief but a bit sad at the same time. I had to say goodbye to one of my two schools as I will be at the other school full time next year. While I am excited to be at one school (which just so happens to be the school at which I spent the 9 years of my elementary and middle school career, and at which there are some truly fantastic teachers I have so enjoyed working with) full time and thus have a much less complicated schedule that doesn’t require a degree in theoretical physics to make possible, I will miss the students and teachers at the other school that helped make my first year a great one. 

 I’ve learned a lot this year. The first few months, when I was still figuring everything out and learning the ropes, were rough at times. I’d still rather not know exactly how many paperwork mistakes I had to correct…ugh. But as the months went on and I became more comfortable with my coworkers, students, and responsibilities (and figured out the paperwork basics!) I grew to love my job. That was the best part- realizing that I was looking forward to going to work and seeing the kids grow and learn. 

I had a professor once tell me that the first year of teaching (maybe even the first two years) is more about getting your feet wet. Learning how to apply what you learned in college in a real world situation. Finding out that a lot of what you learned just plain won’t work. The next years are when you really begin to develop as a teacher and can start honing your craft, so to speak. I’m so excited to begin (or at least be closer to beginning) that phase of my career. I already have a list of things I want to do, not do, remember, try, forget, and continue next year. While I fully intend to enjoy my summer (I’m only working 3 days a week), I am also really looking forward to next year. I love what I do, and I’m so glad I can say that. I know not everyone can.

Enough sentimental stuff, though. Let’s focus on the start of summer- Huzzah!!





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