The Fourth in Photos

There’s nothing quite like a weekend at the lake. Well, maybe a weekend at the beach. But North Carolina’s coast is current swarming with sharks, so I’ll stay up in the mountains and stick to lakes, rivers, and pools for the foreseeable future.

I got to make an extra long weekend out of the 4th of July (Saturday-Tuesday) so Charlie and I headed down to the lake Saturday.


PSA: I would like to note that the car was not in motion in this picture. I hate when people post pictures that were obviously taken while they were driving. Eyes on the road, people! I’m a bad enough driver as it is without having to deal with you weaving all over the road. *End PSA*

We got down to where my parents were camping at the lake just in time to change into my swimsuit…and then sit and wait out the rain.


Cue some waiting out the rain selfie taking.

The weather finally cleared up and my parents, aunt, and I headed out on the lake. Here’s Charlie demonstrating proper boating safety.


We got him a life jacket because we are fairly certain he can’t swim with his weak front leg. We have yet to get him in the water past his belly, though, so his swimming abilities remain unknown. A water dog he is not.

We enjoyed a few hours of general laking (cruising, floating, swimming, sunning, etc) until my parents’ boat starting having problems. I’m told it involves a cracked manifold. I don’t know what this means in technical terms, but it meant the end of our laking for the day. A bit of a bummer, since it was the first day of our long weekend and my fiancé hadn’t even made it down to the lake yet.

Never fear, though. We found plenty of things to do. We took lots walks through the gorgeous campground.




I took that last picture about 2.1 seconds before Charlie tried to eat that bee. He’s very interested in hunting flying things- bees, moths, lightning bugs…luckily he wasn’t successful this time.

There were also plenty of good things to eat. Burgers on the grill…


Grilled pizza (if you have never had grilled pizza, I insist you try it immediately. So. Dang. Good!)


Ice cream from a random, hole in the wall coffee-doughnut-ice cream shop.


Here’s a face that hasn’t been on the blog for awhile- Callie!


Callie’s been coming the the lake with us for several years now. She travels amazingly well for a cat. We let her go outside only in her crate so she doesn’t wander off, but she doesn’t seem to mind too much. She and Charlie also seemed to make some progress towards coexisting peacefully. They even snoozed on the bed together for awhile. Of course, Charlie got himself locked in the bathroom when we went out and I think his noisy flailing freaked her out a little. But hopefully that didn’t set them back too far.

We also found a marina near by that rented boats. That meant we got to upgrade to a super fancy boat for another day of laking!


Charlie co-piloting.


My happy camper 🙂

There was plenty of flailing- I mean swimming!- too.


Water ballet, or desperately trying to keep my hair from getting wet? I’ll never tell.

Eh, okay. I hate getting my hair wet. Not because I’m “that girl” but just because it takes 5 or more hours to air dry. If I hash tagged we’d call this #thickhairprobs.


Did I mention this was our view every morning? It was a perfect weekend. I hope everyone else had a wonderful 4th as well!


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