It’s obviously been a hot minute since I’ve written anything. Or a couple of minutes. Whatever. 

There’s no big reason, good or bad. I just haven’t felt much like writing lately. October is always a busy time in the school year and I also have had several fun things going on so I just haven’t gotten around to blogging. I’ll be honest, I thought about formally quitting blogging. Or maybe I mean informally. I hadn’t planned to write some long, drawn out explanation about it or anything. I just haven’t put a ton of time or effort in to it lately. Not that I ever put a ton of time in, really, but I did used to write more than once every other month. 

But I decided I don’t want to throw in the towel just yet. I love reading blogs and I do enjoy having my own, even if it’s far more laid back and infrequent than most. 

So here I am! Back just in time for the most wonderful time of the year!

Some quick and mostly irrelevant updates:

If you’ve ever read my about page, you know that I have dyed my hair some shade of red for ages. As in 10 years.  Not quite a year ago, though, I decided to go darker…and not at all red. It was fun for a few months but I missed red way, way, WAY too much. So the ginger of Ginger in a Snap is back!

My Before Snapchat  

Some self indulgent after shots

I absolutely love how it turned out! Even though I’ve done my color at home since I was 13, I decided to suck it up and get some professional help (my hair had to be bleached to get rid of the dark color and I was not about to try diying my own bleach job) and I am so glad I did! My colorist/stylist/magician actually blended three different shades of red through my hair and I love how it seems much more natural and multi dimensional than what I got from an at home color. 

It’s been a month since it was dyed, and the color has faded a little from those first day photos (as red always tends to) but not very much! I’ll be due for a root touch up soon and I am definitely planning to keep this color!

We celebrated Charlie’s second birthday at the beginning of October. He got a peanut butter banana dog cake with peanut butter frosting. He continues to be extremely sweet, extremely wonderful, and extremely spoiled (of course).

He was an elephant for Halloween. It was adorable. 

No, he’s not trying to escape in that picture. And he’s not miserable. Not at all!

Charlie is a pretty good jumper, which we discovered after he decided the best was to get on the couch was to jump over the back side of it. I’ve had him practice a few makeshift agility jumps and he seems to really enjoy it. I’d love to actually set up a little course for him and see how he does! Maybe I can even find an agility class nearby. 

I’m going to end things here for now. I could add several more things to my “what I did while I wasn’t blogging” essay, but I won’t. I’ve got to save some stuff for later! 

Hope to see (write to?) you soon!


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