Winter is for hibernating

Okay, maybe not literally. But there is something about the reduced daylight hours, the cold, and the wind that make me wish I could curl up under my down comforter and never leave. 

I’ve been trying to fight it, though. We had something of a blizzard last week and I took advantage of the snow days and did some major organizing. Our closets are a work of art now, I swear. And I am slightly ahead in my never ending war with the laundry. 

When we weren’t snowed in, Charlie and I ran some errands I had been putting off for ages-Christmas returns, donation drop offs, picking up a passport application, that kind of stuff.

I had completely forgotten how many different pieces of paper you need to get a passport! My last passport was issued when I was 13, so I have to completely reapply and do everything in person. Somehow it evaded my notice that, in addition to proof of identity (driver’s license), I also needed proof of citizenship in the form of a certified copy of my birth certificate. Plus my old passport and a photo copy of my license and $160 bucks and a really terrible passport photo. Well, I assume the really terrible part is optional but I’ve yet to see a good passport photo. 

And at the end of this collection process, I ran out of time to submit it all at the post office. Now I have to wait and do it next week! Oh well. As long as it doesn’t take 6 months to process I should be good! 


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