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Hey there! I’m Megan, a 23 year old special education teaching, cupcake eating, animal loving, dress wearing bookworm. This blog is my way of sharing things going on in my life. You’ll find all sorts of things including book reviews, the results of recipes I’ve tried, a billion pictures of my beloved dog Charlie, and (mainly) my random musings. And sometimes I manage to take pretty pictures.

Got a question? See if the answer is below. If not, feel free to leave a comment with your question!

Q: Why the name “Ginger In A Snap”?

A: For about 10 years I have dyed my hair some variation of red. I’ve been strawberry blonde, true red, bright red, light to dark auburn, and several other shades. My favorite of these was a color called “Ginger In A Snap,” which was one of the first really red shades I ever tried. I later stopped using the color because no store in my town carried it and now I get my color done professionally, but the name has stuck with me because I loved it so much and it is fun to say! 

Q: What kind of dog is Charlie, and what’s wrong with his leg?

A: Charlie is a mutt. Our best guess is that he is a German Shepherd and Australian Cattle Dog mix, possibly with a little Corgi thrown in for good measure. Before we adopted him in October 2014, he was in some kind of accident that caused a radial nerve injury to his leg. This caused permanent damage and he has limited feeling in that leg as well as muscle loss. He can use it some. More often, though, he prefers to keep it pulled up and hop around on his 3 good legs. In spite of his injury he is a happy and active little guy. IMG_4665

Q: Why did you start blogging, and why don’t you blog regularly?

A: I started a blog for a few reasons. One, I wanted a way of sharing the random, day to day things going on in my life without having to post everything on Facebook. I do link my blog posts to my personal Facebook for the benefit of people I know in real life, but if someone doesn’t want to read about whatever that day’s topic is, they can easily keep scrolling. Two, I enjoy writing but I have never had much luck at keeping a journal or diary. Online journaling, so to speak, is more appealing to me. Plus, I can include pictures. While I am not a good photographer AT ALL and only take photos with my iPhone, I do like taking pictures and including them in my posts. Three, I just really enjoy reading other blogs and decided to give it a try.

While I enjoy blogging, I never set out to be (nor do I have any intentions of trying to become) a “pro” blogger. I don’t have enough knowledge in any one area (beauty, health and fitness, baking, etc) to have a blog solely dedicated to any of those things, and I don’t lead the kind of life that lends well to a lifestyle blog. And that’s totally okay with me! I love my life, it’s just not the kind of thing I imagine people are dying to read tons about. So I blog about whatever I feel like and dabble in a little of everything. This isn’t my job, so other aspects of life often take priority. So if I haven’t posted in awhile it’s either because I just don’t have anything in particular I feel like sharing or I’ve been busy.


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