10 Minute Flower Vases

I am so incredibly tired of winter. If it’s going to be this cold, I want snow.  I want so much snow that it becomes necessary for me to acquire a group of sled dogs. Sadly, the weather has teased me with just enough snow to get me excited, but not enough to actually be worth to bitter cold that must be endured to get it.

So now I am ready for Spring. I want bright colors, blue skies, and fresh flowers. Since Spring is at least three months away, I’ve had to get creative. These artificial flower vases add a lovely pop of color and will hopefully keep me going until April.

I got all of my supplies at Michaels (hello, 40% off coupon!)

You Will Need

-Artificial flowers in variety of colors

-Vases (mine came in a set of three, but you could use more or less depending on the size of the basket you plan to use)

-Decorative wire or wicker basket


Because I had three vases, I chose to use pink, yellow, and purple for my flowers. I got three different types for visual interest- I was going for a “I was skipping gleefully through a field of wildflowers and just happened to scoop these up” kind of vibe.

flower10I got these types in all three colors (the one in the middle is actually purple in real life) for between $1 and $2 each.

Here’s a hint: if you flowers have this plastic cuff on the stems, slide it off. It lets you get more creative with your groupings.


Now arrange your flowers in the vase. I used my beaded branches as the center and alternated the other flowers around it.




Repeat with the remaining colors and then put the vases in the basket. In 10 minutes you can make a pretty flower arraignment that’s almost as good as actual spring.




All together this project cost about $20. Not bad, but you could do it for even less if you have some old mason jars or similar that need repurposing.

Now, I’m off to huddle under my down comforter for the next few weeks. Someone remind me why humans don’t hibernate?! Wait, no cupcakes during hibernation…that’s why.




Ombre Polka Dot Glasses

Happy Boxing Day! Now that Christmas is over (hope everyone had a great one!) I can post this DIY project I first saw here. I gave these ombre polka dot glasses to my aunt and they were a big hit! 

You Will Need

-Set of smooth glasses. You can use tumblers, goblets, any kind of glass you like. I used water goblets.

-4 shades in the same color family of acrylic paint.



I used Americana brand paint in (from left to right) Bubblegum Pink, Flamingo, Royal Fuchsia, and Razzle Berry.

– Q-Tips

-Cardboard or newspaper

-Baking sheet


Start by squirting a dollop of each paint color on a piece of cardboard or newspaper. Set a q-tip with each color.



Next give your glasses a quick polish with a lint free cloth. Then flip the glass upside down. I tucked my hand inside to make it easier to paint all the way around. Starting with the darkest color of paint, use the q-tip to dot all the way around the base of the glass. I made my dots thicker near the bottom and more spaced out as I moved up.

Moving on the next lightest color, overlap the area where the colors meet for a less harsh look. Keep going with the lighter colors, ending the dots about 3/4 up the glass.





Give your glass time to dry (around 30 minutes) before placing them on a baking sheet. Pop them in the oven at 350 degrees and bake for 30 minutes. Allow glasses to cool before taking them out.

That’s all there is to it! These glasses are cute and customizable, not to mention super easy.

Note: To clean, gently hand wash only! The paint will not stand up to frequent cycles in the dishwasher.



Easy Christmas Centerpiece

I love Christmas decorations. I probably appreciate them more now than I ever did as a child. There’ s something about decorations that make me giddy with Christmas spirit, and this year I may have gone a little decor crazy.

Every year my mom’s side of the family has a Christmas Eve party. The host rotates from year to year, and this year my grandmother has the honor. She asked me to help her come up with a unique Christmas-y centerpiece for the table, so we channeled our inner Martha Stewarts (and consulted Google) to come up with this:


Simply start with an empty glass bowl and an assortment of round ornaments. We chose to go with a variety of colors in two sizes.


Then I layered the ornaments in the bowl, alternating colors and sizes to avoid empty spaces as much as possible.


Easy as pie! I love the colorful look of this one, but I bet a color scheme (red and gold, maybe?) would look gorgeous too!


Picture Frame Chalkboard


I’m a huge fan of DIY projects that are easy, fast, and inexpensive. This picture frame chalkboard is definitely all three!

At some point I got the idea (from Pinterest, maybe, but I can’t be sure) to use a mirror and spray the glass to create a decorative chalkboard. I did that as a Christmas present for a friend last year and while I was very pleased with how it turned out it was rather time consuming. I had to use paint tape to protect the frame and I made my paint coats entirely too heavy so it took forever to dry. It was also difficult to get the paint right up to the edge of the frame without leaving thick globs around the edge.

This time around I made a few changes and was able to make the project much faster and easier.



-Picture frame in the size and style of your choosing

-1 can of Chalkboard Paint (available at Michaels)


1) Take the glass cover out of the frame (don’t worry if yours is plastic- it will work just fine!) and place it on a covered surface in a well ventilated area. Use glass cleaner to get rid any fingerprints/skin oils that may be on the frame. These can cause small bubbles in the paint if not removed.


2) Spray glass LIGHTLY with chalkboard paint (don’t forget to shake the can well).


3) Allow the paint to dry for approximately 25-30 minutes. When it is dry to the touch add another light coat and let it dry.

4) One more coat! Using multiple light coats makes the drying process much, much faster than a single heavy coat.

5) After the third coat I allowed mine to dry overnight just to make absolutely certain the paint was completely dry.

6) Replace the glass in the frame and you are done!


Now you have a cute, decorative chalkboard! I highly recommend using it with chalk markers! They leave a pretty, vivid color and are more precise than regular chalk. They sell them in packs of 4 at Michaels or other craft stores.