Bridesmaid Invitations

Apparently the new trend (at least I think it’s new- I’ve only heard of it in the past few years, at any rate) in the world of weddings is to come up with a fun way to ask your bridesmaids to be in your wedding. Pinterest is full of tons of super cute DIY boxes and gifts, but I didn’t know if I was up to the task of making a DIY project look good at the moment. So when I asked my bridesmaids, I opted for these incredibly cute cards I found on the Etsy store Archer and Olive┬áto convey the message. There were several adorable options to choose from, but these floral print cards seemed the most…me.



For the record, I added the names in myself with a calligraphy pen along with a message on the back. I don’t actually know how to do calligraphy, but the pens make my handwriting look far better than normal so I break them out on special occasions.

The cards also came with very pretty envelopes.


I was very happy with the invitations, and I’m already trying to come up with more ways to use some of the other awesome things in the Archer and Olive store.

On a slightly related note, yesterday I got to have lunch with my maid of honor before she goes running off to another continent because she’s a jet setter like that. She brought me some “gourmet edible cookie dough” that was to die for. I love cookie dough and have been known to buy it solely for the purpose of eating it. I may also have a bad habit of digging all the cookie dough chunks out of cookie dough ice cream while leaving the rest of the ice cream in the container…

But now I have a really good excuse to eat straight up cookie dough!

cookie dough


I’m told there are other flavors, so I will definitely be on the lookout for them!


I know the lid says “Eat it, don’t bake it,” but I can’t help wonder what would happen if I tried. In my experience, exceptionally good cookie dough usually leads to exceptionally good cookies…and I’m okay with breaking the rules when it comes to dessert. I’ll have to give it a go and report back.