Man eating spiders, river adventures, and a spoiled dog

You know, I’ve had several posts in a draft form for…ages. One is my attempt at humorous writing. It’s basically done, but I need pictures to go with it. Another is about dog safe people food (Charlie tested and approved). But honestly, I’ve been having way too much fun this month to get them finished. And there are those pesky three days of work every week- oh, the horror of being a teacher in the summer!

One major development is my new car. I love my Volvo, and so far it’s had no major issues that weren’t self inflicted (Me + Pole in parking lot + HID headlights = $$$) but it’s not exactly the most affordable car to maintain. So one Saturday my dad and I went browsing around town for a car in my price range. I really wanted a small SUV, but those are of course more expensive.

We just happened to stop by a dealership where my dad used to work. I test drove three cars (including a Lexus SUV which was divine but, like my Volvo, pricey to maintain), a GMC Terrain, and a Subaru Forester. In the end, my dad (Haggler Of the Year) managed to talk them down on the price of the Subaru to one that would be within my monthly budget if I financed it.

I was originally against financing a car, but after considering that it would help build my nonexistent credit score AND allow me to afford a much newer car with less than 50,000 miles I managed to talk myself in to it.

Here’s Sookie the Subaru! She gets pretty good gas milage and has plenty of cargo space.


Charlie loves “his spot” in the car. For around town trips I just keep this blanket in the back for him.


Anything a bit longer, though, and he likes to ride in ultimate comfort.


Plus, he loves having the big back window to look out. The back wiper is of particular fascination to him.

So that spur of the moment trip went pretty well. I definitely wasn’t planning to buy a car right then, but it just worked out! Speaking of spur of the moment shopping trips…

I also bought my wedding dress! Last Saturday my mom, aunt, and I decided to drop by a local bridal salon to browse after we saw that they allowed walk ins. The girl helping us was wonderful and helped me pick out some great dresses to try on. Amazingly, I fell in love with the very first one I tried. Don’t worry, I did try on about six others for reference. There were some that were definite nos, some that I liked, and a few that I loved, but I just kept coming back to the first dress. It had that WOW factor that none of the others had and I positive it was the one. I’m keeping it a secret for now, but I will say it’s the exact opposite of the kind of dress I thought wanted. I guess you never know until you try! I can’t wait until it comes in sometime in November.

My fiancĂ© and I also went tubing with some friends this weekend. I’ve been canoeing several times before but never tubing. I have to say, it was way more relaxing than canoeing!


Can I just say that I live in the most beautiful place in the world? I love my mountains.


We also had a house guest this week. Everyone, meet Harold. Harold the Huntsman Spider.


He overstayed his welcome by being in our house for more than 2 seconds, was very fast, capable of jumping, and just needs to not be within 1,000 yards of my house. Huntsman spiders aren’t poisonous, but I totally didn’t care when he was scurrying freely near my feet.

Yes, I shrieked a little bit.

We did not invite him back.

On a quick, and much less terrifying (and way more adorable) note, check out Charlie’s new shirt. My dad is particularly fond of it.